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Your Complete Software Solution for Survey Research

Collect data wherever your like with professional CATI (telephone), CAWI (Internet), CAPI (PDA) or on paper. You will probably find that The Survey System has the best cost/benefit rate on the market.

Choose offline interviews or web surveys. Easy and professional interface with The Survey System Family.

Designed for Windows Mobile
  • Collect data anywhere
  • Powerful interview logic
  • Easy distribution of surveys to your interviewers
  • Support interviewer and questionnaire identity
  • Combine with The Survey System’s full analysis and reporting facilities

The Survey System Version 9.5 is now on the market – reflecting 24 years of experience and the input of thousands of users in more than 40 countries. This is your guarantee for functionality and innovation.

The Survey System takes you through all aspects of the survey process: from creating and designing of questionnaires through data entry, interviewing or Web surveys to advanced statistics, professional quality tables and graphics or administration of your interviewers.

Create your survey directly from a Word document. Combine Internet and e-mail surveys with telephone interviews, PDA street polls and paper questionnaires – all in the same survey.

The survey system supports data collection supports 99% of all common languages, including Chinese and other East Asian languages
If you do market research or public opinion polls or need to know what your employees, customers or collaborators think, then The Survey System is the only software you need!!!

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